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Creating Consciousness

  • The change needed must start with thought. We must discuss and learn about the real issues that effect humanity and our place in the galaxy.
  • The path of this change must come from an altruistic desire to see peace and prosperity for all.


What is consciousness? It is an awareness of life, thoughts, sense of self, and the elements of life. It is an awareness of others. It is an awareness of the sacredness of life. It is acknowledging life through thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and reactions. Living in a state of consciousness means that there is a balance or symbiosis to how one fits into existence within the environment. It is necessary to understand how we exist in the physical world as an expression of a much bigger existence. Our physical expression of ourselves is only part of who we are.


The soul is the part that makes us animated. It is the immortal part of us. Even if we are removed or disconnected from our current bodies we would then experience reality without them. The point here is that we are not our bodies and they are not the truest part of us. We are much more in the sense of creation. We are immortal souls living in a flesh reality until we wear out or are separated from that body.


There is a very dire need for the human race to progress in our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Our planet is one of the most beautiful planets with all the riches needed for us to co-exist in peace without greed and hate. We only need to realize that we are all on the same team and that our destructive behaviors must come to a end if we are to see generations in the future of this planet thriving. We cannot have practices that are destructive to some and think that it will not eventually affect all of us as we are all connected.




Information based on the research and writing of Dianne Irene.


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