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Human Justice


We the People are now standing to reclaim sovereign birthright.

We are duty-bound to stop the violence that passes for Rule of Law.  The ITNJ gives us the mechanism to hold agents of justice systems accountable for injury caused to people in the name of government.  Injury includes stolen birthrights, stolen homes, stolen property, stolen children, stolen lives and the wellbeing of our Biosphere.

The ITNJ belongs to the People and is not controlled by any nation, state, corporation, or ‘special interests’. MORE


Medical Justice and Freedom

The Center for Medical Progress is a group of citizen journalists dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances. We are concerned about contemporary bioethical issues that impact human dignity, and we oppose any interventions, procedures, and experiments that exploit the unequal legal status of any class of human beings. We envision a world in which medical practice and biotechnology ally with and serve the goods of human nature and do not destroy, disfigure, or work against them.


Children’s Health Defense


The Children’s Health Defense Team is devoted to the health of people and our planet. Our mission is to end the childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards so this never happens again.


National Vaccine Information Center


The non-profit National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is an independent clearinghouse for information on diseases and vaccine science, policy, law and the ethical principle of informed consent. NVIC publishes information about vaccination and health to encourage educated decision-making. NVIC does not make vaccine use recommendations. NVIC supports the availability of all preventive health care options and the legal right for individuals to make informed, voluntary health choices for themselves and their children.

The Vaccine Resistance Movement


The Vaccine Resistance Movement is strictly non-profit for a reason. We do not require monthly or annual fees from subscribers, as do many similar sites, primarily because I recognize the importance of sharing this critical information freely and openly, without advertising revenues.


Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

Non-partisan 501(c)(4) Organization advocating for your right to choose or refuse any medical treatment or procedure. OAMF is comprised of ordinary people - doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, moms and dads, grandparents, etc - who have come together with one goal in mind. That goal is the preservation of freedom, more specifically medical freedom.

We all share the same concern and have learned that the only way to stop medical mandates and the infringement on medical rights is to organize and push back against bad legislation and policies. We base our strategies in fact and truth and present that information to the public and legislators. It is important that factual information is presented, so the opposition (the side willing to sacrifice freedom for personal gain) cannot dispute what we present.​ OAMF members came together because there are numerous legislative bills and policies sweeping across the country, including in Ohio, that seek to either strip Americans of their right to choose medical procedures or mandate medical procedures, e.g., influenza vaccine mandates in the workforce. We want to alert and educate the public on legislation and policies that would prohibit or infringe on an individual’s right to make their own informed medical decisions. It is important that people become aware of these issues because legislation that threatens medical rights is making its way through our government at an alarming rate. We also want to provide support for any individual that would like to further their commitment in fighting for medical freedom. We hope you will join us on our quest in educating others and protecting the fundamental right of medical choice.

Illinois Coalition for Informed Consent


Illinois Coalition for Informed Consent (IC4IC) was formed by a small group of concerned Illinois citizens in 2016. We saw a growing need to help protect the rights and choices of the individual. IC4IC is here to help inform and guide people through navigating their right to individual choices and informed consent.

Vaccination Liberation


Vaccination Liberation is part of a national grassroots network dedicated to providing information on vaccinations not often made available to the public so that one can make the only informed choice, complete avoidance and refusal.

Fearless Parent


The People of New Jersey will not be denied their voice.

Cancer Treatment Freedom

The Cancer Cure Foundation

The following states have laws that protect patient access to alternative therapies from licensed physicians: Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

The Cure Research Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of healing without drugs. We began in 1976 with a special focus on cancer, and our cancer division is the backbone of our current program. In March 2002, we decided to cover other health disorders as well. As funding permits, we will be offering counseling services for each of the following conditions: Aids, Alzheimer's, arthritis, diabetes, heart and circulatory disorders, neurological disorders, and pathogen-related diseases. As soon as we have the funds, we will open divisions to provide information on each of these conditions. More



Human Population

The Population Research Institute is a (501c3) non-profit research organization whose core values hold that people are the world’s greatest resource. PRI’s goals are to educate on this premise, to expose the myth of overpopulation, and to expose human rights abuses committed in population control programs.


Life.org.nz This website is a portal website relating to life issues, rather than what we call a "single dimension" website*. This website aims to present all aspects of an issue, openly, honestly, without passing judgement and as best as possible without the usual bias caused by political, ideological, religious or financial interests.

Human Trafficking


The world's experts in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery. O.U.R.'s Underground Jump Team consists of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives that lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts. These operations are always in conjunction with law enforcement throughout the world.
Hope for Justice exists to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society.

World Hunger


The Vegetarian Resource Group

In 2006, the United Nations released a report assessing livestock raising and its impact on the environment. Henning Steinfeld, senior author of this report, announced, “Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems.… Urgent action is required to remedy the situation.”

Livestock’s Long Shadow: Environmental Issues and Options represents a breakthrough in the literature on animal agriculture as it relates to environmental issues. This report directly establishes and quantifies causeeffect relationships between livestock production and environmental problems on a problem-by-problem basis on a global level. With Livestock’s Long Shadow, an international body clearly shows the connection between diet and major environmental problems. In this Vegetarian Journal article, The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) examines the information covered in Livestock’s Long Shadow, Chapter Four, which is titled “Livestock’s Role in Water Depletion and Pollution.”

Food for Life Global (FFLG) was founded in 1995 and currently has an office based in Delaware, USA (FFLG – Americas) and Ljubljana, Slovenia (FFLG – Europe) to serve as the headquarters and coordinating office for Food for Life projects worldwide. With 211 affiliates in 60 countries serving up to 2 million plant-based meals daily, FFLG is the world’s largest food relief organization.
Gentle World is a non-profit organization and intentional community, providing vegan education and inspiration since 1979.  With visitor centers in Hawaii and New Zealand, we offer a unique educational experience which inspires people from all over the world to transition toward vegan living.
One Green Planet The problem is that the standard Western diet is extremely resource intensive. In order to produce animal products, land, water, and energy are required to grow, harvest, and transport the feed that is then fed to the farmed animals. We currently produce enough calories to feed 10-11 billion people worldwide, however, the majority of this food goes to feed livestock, not hungry people.


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