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The event has been mentioned many times. It has also been seen by some who have had hypnosis and by many who meditate have also seen an event or solar flash that has been slowing coming into our area of the galaxy. Some take the scientific focus and are carefully watching the Shummann resonance to observe the positronic waves that are coming from the center of the universe. We have been told that we are facing climate change, but this is a very small part of the picture. We are actually facing a shift in our entire galaxy. Even Mars faced changing activity in its large volcano, Olympus Mons. The fascinating part of this is that our current earth freqency is about 7.83 Hz and this wave will take us into the next frequency level. If you study brain waves you will see that our current frequency matches a hypnotic state. The next level of frequency matches the brain waves of a more awake state. Many are emphasizing preparing our bodies to handle a higher energy and to do inner work to be ready spiritually as well. Many of the worlds religions even discuss a rapture, ascension or a time of peace. *We encourage you to use your own discernment especially when you hear dates and times. Time is fluid and this is a war between light and dark so things change.

The Event. How to prepare and what will happen.

The Event Defined

Viewing Timelines on Earth DNA Upgrades, Multiple Aspects Across Timelines
The Event. How to prepare and what will happen. DNA Upgrades, Multiple Aspects Across Timelines, Astral Work, and more Building the bridge to new Earth and energy waves of ascension Ascension from 5D to 6D
The Avalance of light Ascending to the New Earth A Tale of Two Earths. More on "The Event" and New Earth
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BQH Hypnosis Session - The Shift is working. 5D, New earth. The light is winning The shift, The event, 5D, Hypnosis information higher self. Changes, what to expect The Light Has Won :: A Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session The New Earth is being born now, client in hypnosis sees a New Earth
QHHT Transition to the New Earth Terra DOLORES CANNON ON THE COMING NEW EARTH | Planetary Transformation Manifesting New Earth and the Event - Uniting Twin Flames/Soul Fragments - QHHT Client Sessions The Event and the New Earth - QHHT Client Sessions

Balanced Society

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Homesteading Couple Hasn’t Bought Groceries in a Year of Self-Sufficient Living-

Note*On the new earth is it is reported that you no longer consume animals.


Balanced Health

The Universal Antidote Documentary Dr. Pedro Chavez Zavala All Sodium Bicarbonates Protocols Explained for Doctors | Dr. Tullio Simoncini Bloodroot Paste vs. Cancema


A Story About Life 2021 - A NEW EARTH | Short Film Awaken the power of life FORGIVENESS - The Spirit of Unconditional Love
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Positive News

Top 5 POSITIVE News Stories,

JUNE 2021

Why This Woman Created Newspaper That Only Reports Happy Stories
Our Vision

We exist with the philosophy of progressing humanity. We provide writing, research, and collaboration to support and encourage the development and progression of mankind. We are just a group of people that together can empower the progression of humanity in a positive direction. We are not a corporation or non-profit. Instead, we are a free library of information for the benefit of humanity. We take a non political and non commercial stance. Our focus is human progression. Those that have information here have their own mission and the information used here is our focus.

Free Courses

Creating Consciousness

  • The change needed must start with thought. We must discuss and learn about the real issues that effect humanity and our place in the galaxy.
  • The path of this change must come from an altruistic desire to see peace and prosperity for all.



We the People are now standing to reclaim sovereign birthright.

We are duty-bound to stop the violence that passes for Rule of Law.  The ITNJ gives us the mechanism to hold agents of justice systems accountable for injury caused to people in the name of government.  Injury includes stolen birthrights, stolen homes, stolen property, stolen children, stolen lives and the wellbeing of our Biosphere.

The ITNJ belongs to the People and is not controlled by any nation, state, corporation, or ‘special interests’. MORE


Human Consciousness

  • It is essential to our survival as a species.
  • It is an awareness of life, thoughts, sense of self, and the elements of life. It is an awareness of others. It is an awareness of the sacredness of life.
  • It is acknowledging life through thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and reactions.
  • Life is sacred and freedom is essential for our soul to express itself to its fullest potential.
  • This freedom comes from understanding that we alone are responsible for our soul growth.

Key Points

  • All life is sacred.

  • We are co creators.

  • God Source/The Prime Creator is beyond politics, dogma, religion, and superstitions.

  • Souls are on a journey to evolve and develop.

  • Personal Responsibility is essential for soul development.

  • Empowerment is altruistic power.

  • Cooperation is beneficial to humanity.

  • Respect for our environment and life in turn ensures our development in a positive manner.

  • Love is our ultimate mission in life.

  • Kindness is our responsibility.


Raising our conciousness is essential for the continued survival of the human race. The shift from a negative suppressive leadership model to a community minded leadership is the only option for the world to be balanced back to a positive path.

Each person has a soul that matters and negative predatory behaviors must be abandoned. Loyallty to the human race is imperative and required for any leadership representing humanity. Critical thinking and independent thought must be fostered in our communities and judging others and controlling them is a path we must abandon and never condone.

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