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Humanity is comprised of various cultures, heritage, and genetic diversity. These components are part of what the physical experience brings into our awareness. Beyond these components, all life on earth contains an essence that makes them animated. In this, we all have an experience as a physical human with a soul which is animated. This soul will no longer experience reality inside our given physical expressions, but we will still experience life in our spirit form. Our physical experience as humans is in an environment which is a dichotomy of positive and negative. Most of us have lived many lives as humans, reincarnating with a forgetfulness as we begin each life as a baby. Each time, we come with goals of learning and growing. This concept was well accepted and taught by many of the world's religions including Christianity until it was taken out of the Bible in the 6th century. This cycle will not last forever and is moving to a culmination. As we approach this awareness, it is time for humanity to embrace consciousness, critical thinking, and independent thought.

Creating Consciousness

  • The change needed must start with thought. We must discuss and learn about the real issues that effect humanity and our place in the galaxy.
  • The path of this change must come from an altruistic desire to see peace and prosperity for all.

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Near Death Experiences

  • We can learn a great deal about death from those who have had NDEs or Near Death Experiences. We know from research that humans are souls inhabiting physical bodies in an environment of dichotomy.
  • When people are religious, they will see their diety more often. Others will see relatives, angel or guides, and even soul famiilies.
  • We don't die and only our body dies. We are souls that live on to live again.
  • In our world, we think that our degrees, titles, popularity, fame, wealth, power, and culture makes us who we are, but in reality, our soul is who we are and the carnal things of this world are only roles, experiences, and props for us to interact with in the physical reality. The greatest soul in the world could be homeless man that hardly anyone knows. One of the most unevolved souls could be someone with great power and wealth.
  • The beings in the afterlife, see our soul and know who we are. We can be someone of no significance to society, but be a very special soul that volunteered to come here to do work for humanity, the earth, or animals.
  • Every soul is a precious creation and we will all be greeted by what will bring us comfort when we first arrive in the afterlife. Depending on our soul development and soul groups, we will reunite with those we belong with to review our life and see the lessons, growth, and experiences that we have had.
  • When we hurt others, we will see life from the perspective of those we have hurt as if we were them. No one escapes the truth of what we do to others. Even sociopaths that murder and torture others will someday review their life from their victim's perspective and know the truth of what they have done. Regardless of the fact that they are incapable of empathy in this lifetime, they will know life from the perspective of those with empathy. No one escapes the truth of what they have done to others. This is true justice.


Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton Journey of Souls Part 2 by Dr. Michael Newton
Anita Moorjani nearly died from cancer and after her NDE, her cancer went away and now she shares a message of hope. The University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies research portfolio includes investigating children who have memories of past lives; the nature of consciousness and the mind-body relationship; neuro-imaging studies of psi events; and individuals who report experiencing near-death experiences(NDEs).
Pam Renoylds was clinically dead for about an hour and experienced a NDE. Her case is rare as she was clinically monitored due to a life threatening aneurysm. Dr. Lloyd Rudy, a pioneer of cardiac surgery, tells stories of two patients who came back to life after being declared dead, and what they told him.



  • Respect for life in turn ensures our development in a positive manner.


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