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Like humans, animals feel pain, joy, sadness, anger, and fear. While humans have taken the stance that they are superior, animals often have skills that humans lack. Our eyesight cannot compare to that of an eagle, our strength cannot compare to that or a primate, even the ability to fly cannot be duplicated with the human body. Beyond this, animals have the animation of a spirit. They continue to also experience reality once they leave their physical body. They are also on a journey to experience life and progress.


Creating Consciousness

  • The change needed must start with thought. We must discuss and learn about the real issues that effect humanity and our place in the galaxy.
  • The path of this change must come from an altruistic desire to see peace and prosperity for all.


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Animal Intelligence

  • Because animals are souls inhabiting physical bodies in an environment of dichotomy, they do their best to survive and thrive according to the body design they have been given. While they may not communicate the way humans do, many of them have their own language and culture.
  • Many animals come preprogrammed with instincts that allows them to function as an animal type. Many humans could not survive in the wild without modern convienences, yet animals can thrive in nature.
  • Not having the attachments of material things, animals can enjoy their life experience without the more dense weight of addictions, obsessions, and superfacial concerns.
  • Many animals have a sixth sense and can see animals and beings beyond what a human can detect in our visual field. Cats are a great example of this. They can often see or sense a presence from the next dimension density.
  • Some animal traits are more developed than human traits. For example, a dolphin can use ultrasound to peer into their environment. They can see things that human cannot see. They have been known to even spot a person in therapy who is faking an injury. They have a sophisticated language, can work as a team, and spend a great deal of energy raising their young. They have the capacity of empthy and have even been known to rescue humans in the sea. An eagle can use infared to see the world. This means that they can even see how much life is in an animal on the ground. They can differentiate between animals, plants, and other objects at a great distance. Elephants are bilingual. They speak two languages. One of their languages is audible to the human ear. The other one is just for elephants. It is a low tone that can travel for miles. They can tell each other where water is or even danger. They have a capacity for empapthy and mourn their families and even friends.
  • Animals can love just as deeply as humans. While some animals are not as developed, some are just as in the human world some of us are capable of great love and some of us are not. We are all on a journey of growth and expansion.
  • Animals are born with a programming of instinct while many humans come through the forgettful veil and must relearn everything.
  • Animals desire to belong and feel part of a group most of the time with certain exceptions. Just as humans desire to belong and connect. Because of this desire, most animal groups work in cooperation sometimes better than humans cooperate. They are also part of creation on a journey to return to God source.
  • Animals can do some amazing things that when compared to humans would exceed our body's current abilities. For example, what an ant can carry is far greater than any human can lift or carry in comparison to our size. Birds can fly, humans cannot fly with their physical bodies. Some animals can climb tress or use strength not vailable to our human bodies. For example, a gorilla is many times stronger than a human.
  • Empathy is a part of many animal souls. Some animal souls are more developed than others. Some lack the ability to feel empathy just as there are human sociopaths who are incapable of empathy.
  • Left alone, most of the time, animal populations will sustain themselves. It is the imbalance of environment that causes imbalances in the animal kingdom.
  • God/Source/Prime Creator recognizes the value of each soul as an animal expression. As such, humans should in turn show respect for animal life upon this planet. Each animal is capable of feeling and therefore like humans can feel pain, sadness, fear, joy, love, and kindness.
  • There are many kinds of abilities in the animal kingdom. Some of which are superior expressions of the physical even to the design of humans. For example, a dolphin has the ability to use ultrasound to see into bodies. This gives the dolphin the ability to see physical bodies at a deeper level. Bats can use echo location to see the physical expressions of matter, eagle may use in fared to see their environment, and frogs can change sex when their environment is threatened with survival. If animals were respected like the unique abilities in humans, then humanity can benefit from these animal abilities as well.
  • Humans should design infrastructures and technology with the safety and environment of animals in mind. For example, our windmills are a serious problem for birds who unintentionally fly into the arms of the windmill. Instead, a design which is circular and more efficient would eliminate that concern.
  • Animals should be living in a society free of slavery, manipulation, objectification, control, suppression, and greed.
  • Animal life is sacred and precious. Manipulating the animal population in a nefarious manner suppresses the spiritual importance of the soul expression contained in each animal. Those born with disability, become injured, or are at a disadvantage still contain a soul that has the same value as those without these issues. This spans from animal offspring coming into bodies to animals whose bodies are wearing out. Every soul deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and free from physical, mental, and emotional violence.
  • The animal body was designed to live in an environment of balance free of toxins, genetic manipulation, and malnutrition.
  • Misuse of the environment and animals creates a human parasitic lifestyle that is a burden to the earth. Most of this comes from the lack of independent use of balanced resources, positive and benign technology, freedom from a slave mentality, and the idea of homeostasis. This includes the commercialization of animals as a food source. Animals are treated as products and undergo abuse and torture such as being thrown in vats of boiling oil, shot in the head with a bolt, hung upside down and gutted or have their throat sliced in order to terminate their lives. This is unacceptable human behavior. Animals are also used in experimentation and some never set foot on grass or get to run free. This is also unacceptable human behavior and we can do better. The huge use of resources to create a meat based diet is unsustainable and has serious consequences on the environment. We must explore vegetarianism and the creation of meat substitutes to appease aging generations ingrained deeply into this practice in order to alleviate the suffering and environmental hazards of animal food production.
  • The consumption of animals is a major source of wasted resources, earth pollution and contamination, violence and suffering. A solution must be found to relieve the burden on the animal kingdom. While the growing of animal flesh in labs is not ideal and not a long term solution, it may be useful for the transition of those generations that are heavily engrained in the practice of animal consumption. Long term, replacements can be found and new generations should be offered food substitiutes free from the addiction to animal consumption.
  • Animals are people too. They have their own cultures. many of them have their own languages. They feel pain, joy, love and fear just as humans do. They desire to live.


  • Respect for life in turn ensures our development in a positive manner.

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