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Introduction to Human Consciousness
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Creating Consciousness

  • The change needed must start with thought. We must discuss and learn about the real issues that effect humanity and our place in the galaxy.
  • The path of this change must come from an altruistic desire to see peace and prosperity for all.

Key Points in Human Progression and Human Consciousness

All life is sacred.

All life contains an animation from a soul or spirit. This animation is created by the Prime Creator regardless of how their biological construct is assembled. As such, life has the inherent right to free expression and freedom to live without slavery, abuse, or manipulation.

We are co-creators.

All life is a spark from the Prime Creator. Life has been endowed with imagination, creativity, and the ability to create thought. According to the maturity and development of the soul and its environment, the soul can influence reality.

The Prime Creator is beyond politics, dogma, religion, supersticions, and special interests.

Humans have created and used politics, dogma, religion, supersticions, and special interests embedded in our physcial world for selfish purposes. The Prime Creator has no need of these factors and wishes for us to move beyond these to a place where we have no need for such things. Instead, our souls would be pure in thought and action without misuse of power.

Souls are on a journey to evolve and develop towards love.

The purpose of souls is to evolve spiritually and eventually become creators and mentors to others. Love is pure and selfless. It is not tied to a religion or political element, but instead is a simple understanding of respect and kindness for the sacredness of life. 

Personal Responsibility is essential for soul development.

When a soul progresses, the soul understands that personal responsibility is the foundation of our personal growth. Personal responsibility moves beyond expecting a savior to take responsibility of our soul and personal growth. Relying on a savior means that man can be manipulated and overpowered. With personal responsiblity, each soul is empowered to develop in cooperation, but with freedom.

Empowerment is altruistic power.

Empowerment is taking responsiblity and ensuring that others have the freedom to reach their full potential. Having power over others and ensuring that they follow an agenda, set of controls, or are suppressed is the misuse of power. Empowerment works to progress everyone to the same level of power.

Cooperation is benefacial to humanity.

Cooperation shows respect for others and their freedom of expression. It encourages mutual benefit and peace in human, animal  and environmental relations. This cooperation is done with respect, freedom of torture or damage and suppression. It ensures a stable communication and balanced environment for everyone.

Respect for our environment and life in turn ensures our development in a positive manner.

All life is connected. Harming or suppressing a part of the environment means that it will have a negative impact on the cycle of life on this planet. In order to live in harmony, humans must not be part of destructive behaviors. Instead, a use of benign technology, energy, and resources is essential for human progression and continued peace upon our planet and beyond.

Love is our ultimate mission in life.

The Prime Creator is a positive expression of life. This positive expression is based in love. Love is the expression of peace, kindness, and respect with care. It is non-supressive and non-manipulative. The Prime Creator desires for us to reach a state of unconditional love.

Kindness is our responsibility.

Humans have lived in a culture of judging others and behaving in a manner that divides us from one another. It is time to mature beyond negative discourse and immature banter and understand that only those that you take responsibility for are those you have an interest in judmental conversation in order to ensure responsibility. Otherwise, judgment is not neccessary. If you do not take responsibility for a stranger then reserve your personal judgements. Everyone has the right to free expresson of the soul. Kindness ensures that this philisophy is fostered and that we all can get along with respect and peace. 


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