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Creating Consciousness

  • The change needed must start with thought. We must discuss and learn about the real issues that effect humanity and our place in the galaxy.
  • The path of this change must come from an altruistic desire to see peace and prosperity for all.

Key Points in Reverence vs Worship

What is the difference between Reverence and Worship?

These two concepts are important for several reasons. We may not stop to think about how we spend our energy daily. However, everything is about energy. We are energy beings and we are made from energy. We are a spark of the Prime Creator God Source. Our soul is an energy that lives immortally.

One scientist named Duncan MacDougall has measured the weight of a body at the time of death and found that 21 grams of weight consistently changed when the person’s body dies beyond the usual changes of the body upon death. Later, he continued his research and found that there was a measurable energy change when someone dies. Today, scientists have even been able to photograph the moment of conception and show a burst of light energy inside of the egg.

What is Worship?

Worship can be seen as directing our energy in a submissive or passive manner to elevate something or someone else. Those that desire Worship are seeking to feed their ego. Otherwise, they would work to ensure that you were raised to the same level as they are. For example, the purpose of souls is to grow and learn and eventually go back to God Source. This means that "he" patiently waits for us to realize our full potential. Source does not seek to have you controlled and suppressed. "He" does not need your energy to elevate "his" energy level.

While most of us would rather spend our day immersed in our everyday lives with family and friends, we must remember that those that are predators see the world very differently.

Their power is based on suppressing, manipulating and controlling others. Even if some of them do not realize it, they are playing an energy game. One of their powerful tools is the concept of worship. Our society offers many opportunities to worship. This means that there are no shortages of those who have been raised to savior status.


The problem with this is that it shifts our focus away from personal responsibility and our own autonomy. It encourages us to become complacent and give our energy away. Instead, we should be directing our energy with our creative intentions and not following the creative intentions of others. This is how we reach our full potential. Otherwise, following saviors will put us in a path of stagnation and perhaps, devolution. This is especially true if this savior is feeding his own agenda or ego. It isn’t being true to ourselves. We should always be guiding our own energy and being personally responsible for how we spend that energy.

An Idea Verses a Person

We can join our energy to create and love one another. However, we must understand the difference between an idea being shared and elevating a person with our energy. Our energy can be unified in love, a good cause, or in building peace or working on a project, but it should not be to glorify a person. Part of our spiritual evolution is in realizing that we are all connected, but having one person or a group of people elevated by living on or exploiting the energy of others is not unity.

Today it is not uncommon to see even grown adults shouting, screaming and even crying for a celebrity, politician, or musician.  They may chant a person’s name, hang pictures of them on walls, buy paraphernalia with their image, or party in their name. While on the surface this behavior seems harmless, it actually isn’t. This person likely doesn’t know you and is no better or more special than you are. In fact, think about how you act around those that you do know and that have personal value to you. How do you behave towards them? You would be unlikely to shout and scream their name upon seeing them enter a room. You may have a picture of them on the wall, but it isn’t because you are worshipping them.


We even see ordinary people get sucked into cults where they come to believe that another person or being is God, Jesus, an angel or a prophet who alone speaks for God. These cults have taken on many forms. Some are truly sinister and have led to the death or torture of men, women and children. Others seek to completely take over the free will of others and control every aspect of their lives. Some are more subtle and seek to take advantage of others in monetary ways. Regardless of the extent of control and suppression, they are all detrimental to the human soul. Cults desire to control in a hierarchical manner.


True empowerment seeks to raise everyone to the same level of power. This means that they will desire everyone to reach their full potential. Think about a parent. A parent that controls a child is serving himself. However, a parent that seeks to empower their children to become great is helping their child reach their full potential. This is what God desires for us.

There is no one on earth who should have their name chanted and worshiped. There is no one who should take away your free will and suppress your soul.

Sadly, even many churches have walked the fine line of becoming a cult by causing great psychological harm in the way of threatening eternal damnation if they do not say a certain prayer, tithe, or participate to a certain level.

Profession or Expertice Doesn't Mean Integrity

We have seen pastors, priests, and church leaders be accused of pedophilia and other indiscretions. Those who gave their deep loyalty to these institutions, were then greatly affected by these travesties and rightfully so. However, those corrupt people were able to gain that power because people gave up their free will and energy to these people that allowed them to gain power over others. Many times these people demand worship and obedience. This demand can come directly, through manipulation and pressure, exclusion or fear, and through group pressure.      

•Someone’s status in society, their degrees, ownership, training, success, credentials, position of power, professional status or celebrity DOES NOT define their level of empathy, compassion, integrity or altruism.
•This is only defined by the condition of the soul.
•Just because someone is an expert does not mean they will use their power for good or to benefit others. This is a very important reminder as systems are often run by experts, but many of these systems can be deeply corrupt and should not be given trust to the level that they control your life.
If you are not your own authority then you are vulnerable.

We can often see worship happen at music concerts, political campaigns, celebrity events, and consumerism and in everyday life. We even see this practice in churches and synagogues as human ego becomes involved. God does not reside inside a church. You are connected to God through your soul as you are a spark of God. How you choose to express yourself to God directly is your choice and is different than how we worship the myriad of other things in our lives.

Moving Beyond Dualism

You will also notice a constant focus on dualism. God is beyond dualism. "He" will not keep you locked into a constant battle between good and evil. God will desire you to live in peace, harmony, and free will. If you look at even many of the fairy tales we share with children today, there is a focus on reinforcing good verses evil. Evil is not necessary.

Evil is that dark force which feeds off the energy that results from control, manipulation, harm, and suppression. God does not need to feed off of our energy. Our souls do not need such things. There is a new age philosophy that is seeking to convince others that we benefit from evil therefore justifying it. There is also the philosophy that evil does not exist. Because after all, if it does not exist then it nullifies the responsibility for extinguishing it.

Even if the higher realms do not see evil as significant beyond the fact that it is an immmature soul because they are beyond such a concept, it is real to those that suffer from it and those that seek to do evil things. While lessons learned can certainly cause us greater understanding, evil is not necessary for our soul's growth. We can learn lessons without being suppressed by evil. There are still plenty of resisting forces without the depth of evil.

God Does Not Demand Worship

In fact, because God has given us freewill, “he” does not require our submission or need to feed off of our energy. Instead, “he” would prefer our reverence.


Reverence is the active respect given in acknowledging and nurturing the sentient value of something or someone.  We can show our reverence by respecting our environment and others. We can show God Source our reverence by living in a benign manner on this beautiful planet and loving the other souls that “he” has created. We show our love for God by being good stewards of our soul, each other, animals, and the planet.  

This is not about turning this into a religion and it is instead about respecting others and respecting the sentience or acknowledgement of another God Source creation. The golden rule is really the key to how we live in peace.  

We should treat others how we would want to be treated. If we are spiritually balanced then that is in a manner of respect and reverence. How you choose to interact with God Source on a personal one on one level is your choice, but be aware that anything beyond that is giving away your free will in energy and effort.

Why does this matter?

It matters because this misconception of worship is a tool that can be used by those others to perpetuate their agendas. Reserve your energy and efforts and do not give away your trust or energy to others. Be mindful of the reverence for others and our planet. This will be both pleasing to your soul and to the Creator of souls.

Information based on the research and writing of Dianne Irene.


Copyright is reserved by the respective authors and no content should be used without their permission.