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The earth is a living ecosystem of over 7.6 billion people and nearly 9 million animals. The insect and plant life exceeds the other life forms of earth. Together earth is a unique and diverse orchestration of life. Balancing this life is a matter of how we live in symbiosis with the earth.

We can do this by taking care of the earth's resources and giving back to our environment. This means that humanity made a mistake by thinking that abusing the earth's resources would somehow work itself out. There are debates on how to reduce the population on earth, but the solution actually comes in balancing how we use the earth resources. Plastic, oil, nuclear, chemicals and other contaminants should have never been commercialized and used in our environment. The earth could actually support even more life if we lived in harmony with the natural laws of the ecosystem.

Creating Consciousness

  • The change needed must start with thought. We must discuss and learn about the real issues that effect humanity and our place in the galaxy.
  • The path of this change must come from an altruistic desire to see peace and prosperity for all.


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Major Issues

  • Our history has been written by those that had power, won wars, or had their own perspective. There is much of history that has been distorted, hidden, misundertood, or mistaken.
  • Many ancient artifacts indicate that there is much more to our history than what has been told.
  • Chrisitianity included reincarnation until the 6th century until they removed it from the Bible. While some debate the date of removal, it is clear that this concept was included and then removed.


  • Many of the stories of creation include Gods, or a God. However, some stories found in the Bible are similar to stories written in Sumeria that were written thousands of years before the Bible was created. This may even indicate that those who have written history have reused stories for their agenda.



  • Respect for our environment and life in turn ensures our development in a positive manner.



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