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Humanity is comprised of various cultures, heritage, and genetic diversity. These components are part of what the physical experience brings into our awareness. Beyond these components, all life on earth contains an essence that makes them animated. In this, we all have an experience as a physical human with a soul which is animated. This soul will no longer experience reality inside our given physical expressions, but we will still experience life in our spirit form. Our physical experience as humans is in an environment which is a dichotomy of positive and negative. Most of us have lived many lives as humans, reincarnating with a forgetfulness as we begin each life as a baby. Each time, we come with goals of learning and growing. This concept was well accepted and taught by many of the world's religions including Christianity until it was taken out of the Bible in the 6th century. This cycle will not last forever and is moving to a culmination. As we approach this awareness, it is time for humanity to embrace consciousness, critical thinking, and independent thought.

Creating Consciousness

  • The change needed must start with thought. We must discuss and learn about the real issues that effect humanity and our place in the galaxy.
  • The path of this change must come from an altruistic desire to see peace and prosperity for all.

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Political Major Issues

  • Service in a government system should be seen as a responsibility and not as an entitlement.
  • They shouls always have to follow the same rules and shouls never be given any special benefits.
  • Positions in government should be more like jury duty and their terms should be limited and they must go back to normal lives with no benefits or special priviliges.
  • Humans need to stop making celebrities out of politicians. This attracts those with ego issues and creates a power play out of the service to the people. This brings about all kinds of corruption and entitlement. This propogates the predator/prey mentality.
  • Governments and political systems are to serve the people and the planet in a positive manner and should never become dictatorships that infringe on free will. It should be set up to protect and prosper life on the planet and never to control, suppress, or destroy others.
  • Those working in service to others should not be paid in a disproportionate manner to the general population. They should have the same retirement and benefits as everyone else in order to deter the propogation of the entitlement mentality.
  • No corporations or special interests should be able to donate to campaigns or provide special gifts or privilages to anyone involved in service. Limiting terms and having people go back to normal life with no benefits assists with this.
  • Dictators and rogue leadership comes from the idea of superiority and eltiism. Therefore, we need to eliminate the elements that make these leadership positions seperate and more privilaged than ordinary jobs.
  • Corporations should never have more rights than a human being. When it comes to bailouts, the people should benefit first with corporations coming last.
  • Rules and regulations should make life more peaceful and easirer for humans and animals. Any rules and regulations that complicate life should be eliminated.
  • No one should require a license to get married or have a garage sale. These are private affiars and are the rights of private citizens.
  • Any divorce should be handled with equal responsibility and should not be based on money that benefits the courts. Shared parenting should always be the default with each parent being responsible for monetary responsiblities while the child is in their care. This eliminates the epidemic of character attacks and lies to gain power in court over children.


By Dianne Irene

Over many thousands of years, humanity has repeated many behaviors.  Advancements are made only to have them regulated, controlled, and oftentimes only made available to a few.  If humanity was been given this time to develop how can we still be in the place where cancer is not eradicated, poverty is rampant, people work their entire lives to pay off something called debt?  The answer boils down to a very simple human desire.  One would hope that after all these years; humanity would have gotten beyond greed.

Greed is a simple human desire; however its roots infiltrate many aspects of humanity. When we look back in history we can see many examples of greed.  Glorious Rome had accomplished what many cities could have only dreamed of accomplishing in the way of the arts, architecture, economy, and even technology. Humans had developed these advances only to allow them to be misused and for gratitude to become the missing link.

One of the greatest civilizations was torn apart ultimately by greed. The addiction to greed led to an obsession with power and ultimately, the demise of the great city. The lesson that humanity can learn from the past of Rome is pertinent to our future.

Our economy is no longer based on a value of gold; it instead has become a fast working machine of greed and control. Humanities entire concept of money has led us to a form of modern slavery and to modern monarchy. The wealth has been accumulated by the few and the many work to keep a monetary machine in working order. Benefits are given to those high in the game and those that are common, are left with a treadmill path of debt and earnings.

Our planet was given to humanity to enjoy, care for, and be stewards of the other creatures that also occupy the planet. This should never be part of a political ideology to gain monetary power. The sacredness of what we have been given has gotten lost in the elements of our monetary mentality. Nature is a gift for all of humanity.

The “Sides” of Greed

Humanity has enough land to accommodate everyone. The planet could easily provide a renewable crop bed for the entire world in the growth of vegetation.  Instead, we are progressing to the mass manufacturing of living creatures in a large factory process which actually puts strain on the environment and leaves less room for renewable crop growth. Humanity has also commercialized the concepts of health. A great monetary component to our working machine, the health care system has become a club where only those who have access can benefit from its offerings. Alternative medicine has been considered like the “atheistic club” of a religiously rigid mindset. This tragic attitude has stunted the opportunities that both schools of thought have in curing the world of its ailments. Much like political systems of two sides, they are in an endless battle to be the source of contribution. Instead, we should be moving beyond “sides” to a place where the thought process is sacred and the decisions are to the benefit of humanity.

The political system has been commercialized and fallen into the trap of sides. If each one served and left their office with no benefits, then how quickly would their decisions for humanity be prioritized? Those that serve should still be subject to the community priority. How can a political system that is exempt from the laws they pass be the best source for decision making? The idea of sides, has served to separate the power of the people to be citizens of planet earth. The politics in politics is not necessary and could be sufficiently fixed if the terms were really a service and not an entitlement.


When those who are in groups exempt themselves from the group, then they create a form of slavery mentality. The commercial machine begins then to serve itself and get caught up in the survival of itself. The very purpose for its function is lost to greed. The monetary system should, however, never be used to enslave man’s free will of enterprise. However, greed has allowed the politicalization of many schools of thought. Entitlement is an attitude that feeds the greed process. All of humanity is on a journey and each of us is entitled to be personally responsible for our journey. No system should dictate our spirit’s path. However, when entitlement causes the suppression of others, then it has become an element of the human body that refuses to acknowledge its true function in that body.

Together, we have the talents, the resources, and the ability to create a fair and prosperous life for everyone, yet we still have to even eradicate hunger. This real problem could be satiated. Instead, we still have parts of humanity that are dying from hunger. This is brought about by the mentality of entitlement. We should be following the resources back to the source and realizing that our resources belong to humanity. They should never be patented, owned, and held for profit. Water, land, and vegetation should be considered sacred rights and should never be commercialized and accessed by only the few. This very dangerous mentality will only stunt the physical well being of the planet and it people, but also present the realization that humanity still has not matured.

The Same Source

Humanity can keep repeating the Rome path and being caught in the fear of self preservation, or we can start acting like one race on this planet that remembers that we all came from the same source and it is to this one source that we will return. The humbling realization that what we create is our own responsibility and that we are all accountable in spirit in how we interact with others and what we do for humanity is not an option, but a reality. The sooner we embrace this truth, the sooner life on this planet will become what it was meant to be and the people will become aware of who they really are and that we are indeed free to not choose greed.



  • Respect for life in turn ensures our development in a positive manner.



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